This is Example 3 in your DFBAlab Examples folder. This is a coculture of algae and yeast. We consider the metabolic network model of S. cerevisiae, iND750 [1] and of C. reinhardtii, iRC1080 [2], which is available online. This study is based on the study presented in [3]. For more information, refer to Example 3 in [4]. This Example considers a pH balance, so the resulting model is a DAE. The current implementation is based on the model format used by DFBAlab. Specifically, the dFBA framework is realized in the three MATLAB files:

  • The simulation (main.m), in which the FBA models, the external metabolites, simulation time, initial conditions and other simulation parameter such as numerical tolerances can be set.
  • The environment (DRHS.m), which contains the ordinary differential equations describing the volume of the bioreactor, the microbial community and the accumulation of the external metabolites.
  • The uptake kinetics (RHS.m), which determines the exchange fluxes as functions of the external metabolite concentrations.