Software developed in the PSEL include

  • DAEPACK, a software library for general numerical calculations,
  • DFBSIM, a FORTRAN numerical integration scheme for large-scale systems of differential equations encountered in dynamic flux balance analysis.
  • CompGraph, a C++ utility for generating computational graphs of factorable functions.
  • DFBAlab, a MATLAB tool for dynamic flux balance analysis with capabilities for dealing with non-unique LP solutions and infeasible LPs.
  • DSL48S, a suite of subroutines for the numerical solution of large-scale sparse initial values problems in differential-algebraic equations and their related sensitivity systems,
  • GDOC, a software library for global optimization of problems with ordinary differential equations (ODEs) embedded,
  • Jacobian, an equation-oriented simulator for dynamic models,
  • PSD Bounding Tools, a collection of MATLAB-based codes for calculating bounds on various descriptions of a particle size distribution (PSD) given only finitely many of its moments,
  • libMC, a software library for calculating convex/concave relaxations of factorable functions as well as subgradients of these relaxations.