How to use CompGraph

The files in the distribution's "Examples" folder contain sample CompGraph input files and demonstrate the use of CompGraph's forward and reverse interval propagation routines. The file "CompGraph.hpp" contains the core of CompGraph's routines that are used to create a computational graph. A Doxygen-generated reference manual for CompGraph is also included as part of the distribution.

To compile CompGraph with an input file, set the name of the variable "CXXMODELSRC" in the Makefile to the name of the input file, set the variable "BOOST_DIR" in the Makefile to the location of the Boost library, type

> make

at the command prompt and follow the instructions.

The distribution of CompGraph can also be extended to perform forward and reverse McCormick calculations by using C++'s function templates feature in conjunction with MC++'s [3] "mc::McCormick" template class.